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The workshop will take place at the Friday Harbor Labs (FHL, http://depts.washington.edu/fhl) located close to Seattle WA, USA. Please visit the FHL page for travel information on how to reach the lab. Plan to arrive on September 7th and leave on September 11th. The meals and lodging will be provided at no cost to you at the FHL facilities (including dinner on September 7th). Reservations for lodging have already been made for a single room in the FHL dorms. If you would like to share a room with someone please email E. Di Lorenzo (edl@gatech.edu).

A registration fee for $65 USD will be collected (please bring cash if you can or checks). This registration fee is needed to cover some of the social events.


We have sufficient funding to support the travel expenses (e.g. airfare, ferry, registration fee) for the participants to the workshop. We have on average about $700 USD per participant. We ask that you purchase your airfare or other travel arrangements as soon as possible in order to minimize the costs of late ticket purchases. If you anticipate travel expenses in excess of $700 USD please contact E. Di Lorenzo (edl@gatech.edu). We will not be able to reimburse travel expenses for government employees (e.g. NOAA) and foreign scientist, although we will be able to provide lodging and meals at no cost.

Reimbursements will be handled by the US GLOBEC office through Ms. Karen McGowan (mcgowan@marine.rutgers.edu, phone: +1-848-932-3409) at Rutgers University. You will need to complete and send a Travel and Business Expense form (TABER-FORM.doc) to Ms. McGowan. Make sure to keep your receipts and tickets (e.g. boarding pass)


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