October 22, 2014
Forecasting North Pacific climate & ecosystem: advances and challenges review talk of WG27 activity at science symposium PICES Annual Meeting, Yeosu, Korea. [View Video]

October 21, 2014
Draft of WG27 Final Report presented at FUTURE Mini-Symposium PICES Annual Meeting, Yeosu, Korea. [PDF]

April 15, 2014
Mechanisms of change: Processes behind climate variability in the North Pacific session at the PICES FUTURE Open Science meeting in Hawaii, USA. [Read More]

January 15, 2014
WG27 Annual Report at PICES annual meeting in Nainamo, Canada. [Report]

October 11, 2013
Workshop on Identifying mechanisms of ecosystem response to climate during the PICES annual meeting in Nainamo, Canada. [PICES Newsletter]

September 23, 2013
Workshop on mechanisms underlying co-variability between ecosystem and climate during the ICES annual meeting in Iceland. [Read summary]

October 18, 2012
Session on Climate Variability and Change during the PICES annual meeting in Japan. [Read summary]

September 7-11, 2012
GLOBEC/PICES/ICES Workshop on Forecasting Ecosystem Indicators with Process-based Models took place at the Friday Harbor Labs near Seattle. [Go to website]

October, 2011

PICES Governing Council approves WG27 and its Terms of Reference during the PICES annual meeting in Russia. [Read more]

In recent years much progress has been made in our understanding of the large-scale physical dynamics of Pacific climate variability and change. New modes of ocean and atmospheric variability over the Pacific have been recognized and shown to influence ecosystem processes. Working Group 27 (WG27; was established during the Hawaii intercessional meeting in April 2011 with the goal of “developing essential understandings of the mechanisms of North Pacific climate variability & change that can better guide the formulation of process-based hypotheses underlying the links between ecosystem dynamics and physical climate.”

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